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The National fire protection agency, review that, the purpose of fires arise over the years in The United States, due to clogged dryers. We expect, as the honorable citizens of the United States that it is every individual responsibility to keep up our dryers clean because by that we could reduce global warming and keep us and our loved ones safe. 

Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning 

In our daily life routine, we tend to do activities to take care of our house that generally gets boring, however, there are literally some necessary tasks that if neglected will cause a serious risk for us and our loved ones. One of them is keeping your dryer vents clean. It’s very important to grasp that a blocked dryer vent that continues to be clogged will cause terribly dangerous results. The only way to defend your home and your family from this risk is by having professional dryer vent cleanup and to service your dryer vent frequently. 

Major issues related to dirty dryer vent 

Clogged dryer vent 
If your dryer vent becomes clogged, laundry might take longer to dry utterly. When the hot air does not get out of the vent seamlessly, it will make your garments, the dryer, or the complete laundry area very warm. Dryer lint is additionally extremely flammable and might cause a huge risk if the vents aren’t cleaned regularly. 

Health safety comprised 
If you have gas-powered cloth dryers installed in the home, there is a risk that you may encounter carbon mono oxide poisoning. Moreover, a blocked vent may cause carbon monoxide to gather in your home instead of being ventilated outdoors which can cause unconsciousness and serious health issues. 

Increase in the Electric bill 
Clogged vent or dirty lint filter may force the machine to use the maximum amount as half-hour more energy. Pushing your appliance to perform with a clogged vent may end an increase to your electrical bills. 

Low airflow. 
Restricted or reduced airflow within the vent system will be a cause and an impact of the dryer vent issues. Low airflow of the dryer vent is usually caused by an improper vent connection or vent routing, lint buildup, wall caps or different blockage. This may cause a number of problems together with longer drying times, larger energy use, and increase the quantity of lint that accumulates within the line. 

Bird Nests in the Vent 
Birds and insects build nests within the outdoor part of the vent system. If you have birds in there they have mites and they also carry diseases. 

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Need for Professionals for Dryer Vent Cleaning 

Efficiency and safety are the two most vital reasons to get your own dryer vents cleaned. Correct maintenance is critical to remain your dryer vent operating expeditiously and for the course of its expected life. If you think dryer vent cleaning might be a good idea for your home, but you are not sure, talk to us. 

QUEEN CITY VENTS dryer vent cleanup services remove lint, debris, and clogs to make sure correct airflow. 

We are equipped with all the necessary tools, equipment and cleaning agents to service your dryer vents. 

Our dryer vent cleanup services offer several advantages, not solely associated with fire hazard prevention, but to health, energy savings, shorter drying cycles and less damage to clothing. Our technicians not only perform cleaning of the Dryer Vents but they also check the heat exchangers, fans and dirty cooling coils which can improve the efficiency of heating and cooling systems.

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